Philosopher here! Can I train with every known work of two philosophers and then simulate a conversation between the two, including on topics that they had significant but very subtle philosophical disagreement on? andvwhete bothbusefctechbical terms in slightly different ways?How does one train humor?

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Hi. I think many people have personal journals and would like to create AI versions of themselves. It can be therapeutic to talk to a past version of yourself built on diary entries from 15 years ago.

Could fine tuning allow for this? An old diary doesn't seem to lend itself to "prompt" "answer" format.

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How reliable is the embedding method? I would be concerned that my customer service bot would give wrong answers to customers

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Feb 27·edited Feb 27

Hey Josh, love the article ✨

I’ve recently built AI writing assistant app for macOS users called Writers brew AI

Why do ppl care about it?

1. Unlike other products, writers brew works across all apps & browsers.

2. It can write, improve, reply, summarize, explain & translate.

3. It can turn your boring (any) text editor to an AI powered text editor. Think of it like this, pick your text editor, Brew writer can change it into an AI playground.

4. It has OCR to AI gen text. Basically, take a snapshot, writers brew take care of extracting the text from the image to transforming it into AI gen text.

5. Finally unlike subscription, this product requires only one time fee. (Users have to use their own license key. )

I hope you get a chance to checkout 👉 https://writersbrew.app :)

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Could the embeddings + GPT3 be used for full text search?

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